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Transfer Your Skills

This handy checklist will help you match up your own skills and interests to see if a career in oil and gas is for you. Once you've gone through the key questions below, take the Choose Your Future Interactive Quiz to narrow down suitable oil and gas careers based on your work preferences.

  • Do you do enjoy a teamwork environment? Almost every job in this industry requires you to work closely with one or several other people. If you have a knack for getting along well with others, it's easier to get the work done and avoid conflict on the work site. Read more about working in oil and gas.
  • Are you good at fixing things? A general mechanical aptitude is very important for many jobs in the petroleum industry. Specific skills and tasks can be taught on the job, but the learning is much easier if you're already handy with tools. Explore jobs in the trades.
  • Do you like to travel or work outdoors? Being cooped up in an office or working at a desk isn't for everyone. Many jobs in the petroleum industry take place primarily outside and companies are always happy to find people who enjoy the outdoors and don't mind working in changeable weather. Check out opportunities for Field WorkersOperators and Seismic.
  • Are you good with math and computers? Check out a career in Engineering.
  • Did you do well at science? Do you like to test ideas out and read about the latest scientific discoveries? An affinity for science is something many employers look for in a job applicant. Consider a career as a Geosciences Professional.
  • Have you always been drawn to the ocean? Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy learning new technologies in a rapidly evolving industry? Explore a career in Marine and Nautical Services.
  • Do you like working with your hands, and enjoy using the latest high-tech gadgets? Check out opportunities for Technicians.
  • Do you have great management and recordkeeping skills? Are you good with people? Maybe you have excellent communication skills or you like flying. The oil and gas industry needs much more than drillers, truck drivers and engineers. Check out Business and Operations Support careers that require a wide variety of skills.