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Labour Market Information (LMI) is any information about work including where to find work, how much a job pays, who is hiring, where to find training and education for a job or even whether a career choice matches your personality and goals in life.

With the right LMI at the right time you can make better choices about a new job, education options or a new career.

If you are looking for accurate and timely LMI about Canada's oil and gas industry, this website is the right place to start.

  • Accurate: We rely on the petroleum industry itself to provide much of the information and data for this website. That means you get the same information about different jobs, training, education needs and career option that the industry uses.
  • Timely: We use regular surveys of oil and gas companies to find out what is happening in the field, because in this industry, information from two years ago is often no help at all.

Fast Start

  • Looking for a job now? Check out which jobs are hot in the oil and gas industry at Hot Jobs.

One Website for the Entire Canadian Industry

Careers in Oil and Gas was designed to give job seekers useful and understandable LMI about Canada's vibrant petroleum industry.

On this website you will find:

The Real Story

Choosing a new job or career choice will change your life. Do you want to know what it's actually like to work in the oil and gas industry or find out how real people feel about their jobs?

Then see our A Day in the Life profiles, where real people give real information on the day-to-day activities of their jobs. You can also check out some of our Videos for a better idea if this industry is right for you.

For More…

For more Labour Market Information about Canada's oil and gas industry, visit Petroleum HR Council's website at There you will find analysis and data about the current state of the petroleum labour market and detailed projections about how it will evolve in the coming years.