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Business & Operations Support

Common Careers Include:

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Business and Operations Support covers a wide range of occupations that support the various aspects of the petroleum industry's business. These activities include areas such as air transportation, energy asset management, environment, health and safety, surface and sub-surface rights acquisition, regulatory affairs and stakeholder relations.


Employees in Business and Operations Support are considered "specialists." Most of these positions require post-secondary education and/or extensive expertise in both the industry and the particular subject area. Many of these careers also require specialized training.

Here are some of the common certifications associated with these occupations:

Career Paths

Once working in the field, career paths tend to be vertical within the field.

At Work

Some positions are primarily based in an office, and most involve at least occasional travel to work sites. A promotion opportunity or change in area of assignment may require relocating to another geographic location.

Safety-sensitive positions have strict requirements related to being drug and alcohol free.

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